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 AC/DC Burn-in/RSS Test

 DC/DC Burn-in/RSS Test


Power electronic ac and dc recycling loads


AC/DC Burn-in
Performance, reliability and flexibility are inherent characteristics across all three standard AC/DC product families. ELU60, ELU120 and ELU500 formats are available to cover a wide range of voltage, current and power combinations. A powerful software interface allows paralleling load channels or LoadSaver systems together to increase the overall power levels.


The AC/DC LoadSaver product range is both compact and versatile, modular system architecture means systems are fully upgradeable. Furthermore, the need for fixed high current cabling is eliminated, leaving the customer with a mobile system ready for use via a simple plug-in mechanism.


The modular LoadSaver architecture also supports ease of maintenance with minimum down time, while expansion is literally plug and play. Systems can therefore be rapidly configured to meet your immediate requirements or upgraded to allow for future needs. Load calibration could not be simpler using the automated software calibration facility of the ESCM card. System control and monitoring is performed across the RS232, RS485 multi-drop or IEEE488 communication interface which simplifies integration with existing systems.



DC/DC Burn-in
SmartPower ATE’s range of DC/DC burn-in systems offers a cost effective and flexible approach to the test and burn-in of DC/DC power supplies. Systems can test a diverse range of converter types and customers can specify their choice of load including:


Energy re-cycling

Active Constant current

Passive Resistive


The DC/DC burn-in solution was designed to meet with recent trends in the power supply market such as reductions in PSU output voltages and increased current levels. These configurations implement economical full power burn-in of EUT’s, using energy recycling technology ensuring lower energy costs as well as reducing the site facility installation costs.
Because all burn-in systems are not the same SmartPower ATE's DC/DC solutions provide a variety of configurations to suit different levels of burn-in required such as Basic Static Burn-in, Enhanced Static Burn-in, Dynamic Burn-in, and Enhanced Dynamic Burn-in.