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SmartPowerATE is headquartered in Limerick ,Ireland , is a leader in the design and manufacture of Recycling Energy loads as well as Burn-in and Reliability ATE Test Systems used in test applications in the Power Electronics industry.

SmartPowerate’s products include -


pointRecycling Energy AC/DC Electronic Loads from 100W to 200KW

most effective time to take viagrapointBurn-in/Reliability ATE Test Systems



SmartPower Products are used in for the following Burn-in , HASS and HALT testing applications


AC/DC Power Supply

DC/DC Converter and Rectifier

UPS and Inverter



Test systems for ESS RSS and product life cycle burn in



Whether you're already a SmartPower ATE customer or are new to SmartPower’s products  , we welcome inquiries on our products and the opportunity to help solve your power burn-in or reliability test requirements.


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